Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Leaves Fall

Western Redcedar
This tree's leaves have one of the most beautiful shades of green!

The Western Redcedar (Thuja plicata in the Cypress family) is my favorite tree.  It is an evergreen but in the fall, some of its leaves turn a reddish-orange color and fall off.  I am very glad that this tree is so common in my area.

Douglas Maple
At first I thought this was a Vine Maple but I saw better as soon as I looked it up.  This Douglas Maple is starting to turn colors to a very red (almost purplish-red) color.  I will keep my eye on it to see how it looks when all of its leaves have turned!

Big Leaf Maple
This is what the Big Leaf Maple leaf looks like when its ready to fall off the branch.  It turns completely brown, of course, after it falls.  But they turn yellow first.  I just thought I'd post this because I find it interesting the different colors that appear in this family.  Vine Maple turns red, kind of like the Douglas Maple.  But the Big Leaf Maples are yellow to brown.  I would have thought they all would turn the same colors or cycle through all the colors.  But that is not what I observe. 

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