Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Beauty

I have so much homework to do that I feel sick to my stomach.  So before diving into it, I decided to take some pictures and do this blog.  You know, find my zen.

Here is a small piece of my front yard.  We have raked diligently but you cannot tell at all.  Its pretty... now that it has started raining again, I doubt we will get much more of it raked.  Oh well, at least its pretty and good for the soil.  As you can imagine, we have oodles of mushrooms under these leaves.

Here we have that lonely Vine Maple that lives in the shade so will only turn yellow.  Now that it has all turned, I think it is a beautiful shade of yellow and am tickled when I see it. :)

A few blogs back I posted a pic of a Douglas Maple leaf starting to turn red.  Here is one that is completely turned.  So pretty!!!

And here is a shot of the Douglas Maple.  As you can see, there are leaves in all different stages.  I was hoping the whole thing would turn red at once like the Vine Maple does but I guess not here.  That's okay, I'm still really enjoying this one. 

I spied this mushroom in my front yard where very few leaves have fallen.  It is completely in the open and all alone.  No other mushrooms like it or different are growing in this area.  Is it growing from the roots of the grass or what? I wish I had x-ray vision so I could peer into the ground without disturbing it to see where its roots go.  I haven't seen any mushrooms like this one on my treks into the woods or anywhere else on my property.  Perhaps I'm just not looking close enough.

That is one of the neatest looking mushrooms I've seen.  I see fallen Indian Plum leaves and a few feet away is a large Indian Plum standing about 8' high so maybe there's a connection there.  But its hard to say because that is located at the edge of a coniferous greenbelt so who knows?


  1. oh, what awesome pics! especially that uber beautiful shroomie!!!! i LOVE it! the one you sent me on myspace didn't show and for some stupid reason it wouldn't let me respond. ugh! anyway, sorry i couldn't view it. but this one is soooooo coooool! lol.

  2. This is the shroom I emailed to you. Sorry it didn't show there. I did get a response so it must have finally gone thru. Glad you like it, I wanted to make sure you saw this one because I thought of you when I saw it. Its so unique and beautiful! :D

  3. These photos are gorgeous! WOW! I look out my window and it's blah. I mean it, totally blah. I'm seething with fall jealousy! Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

    The mushroom IS really cool! The cap almost looks translucent. And what a cool shape to the stem!

    Hope you found your happy place and that you were able to start studying with less nausea!

  4. Thanks, Genie, I did find my zen and I was more prepared for school this week than I have been all quarter.

    I'm really glad you enjoy the pictures. I love sharing them.

  5. Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog I'm a mushroom nut, I have several photos of morel mushrooms on my blog when they were in season I find them photograph them and then take'em home and eat them lol.

    The kind of nerd that I am I just happen to have mushroom identification book and had to look up your mushroom here. Near as I can tell from looking it is a shaggy veiled Stropharia ambigua or Questionable Stropharia. Awesome capture thank you for sharing it!

  6. Thank you so much, Roger! I will look that up.

    On my own, I couldn't find it in my mushroom field guide and I bought a second field guide last weekend but still couldn't find it. But every time I look for it, I learn something else about mushroom identification so that's exciting.

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  8. How lovely and beautiful!!! Don't you looove autumn. :D

    Great posts and pics and I am thrilled to be following your excellent posts. Thanks for the add and I am reciprocating.

    Hugs, JJ

  9. Two mushroom field guides and I thought I was bad lol. I hope that you do get the verification on it, I would be interested in its identity.

    You photography is awesome I'll say it again :D