Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finding a Beaked Hazelnut

Throughout the late summer, I have been watching for Beaked Hazelnuts.  I found one earlier in the summer but I didn't think it was ripe (still learning about these things).  I wanted to watch for more.  But little did I know, they are incredibly popular in the animal kingdom!! I've seen birds and squirrels at work.  Between them and who know what, I haven't found another one anywhere!! 

Finally, I get a little excited because I spot this one at 
the park yesterday:

When I took a closer look, I saw the husk and got really excited!!

However, when I turned it over, I saw that I was not the first to discover this one.  Perhaps a bird got into it (since it was still attached to the tree).

Maybe next year I will be wiser (and quicker).


  1. i like the green added to the page. it goes wonderfully with the nature pics and the over all feel of it. nice;)