Friday, September 26, 2008

Remembering Spring

Pink corydalis

This was located in a spot at McClane Creek which I am not likely to find again.  I was wondering in the park for hours going down small, unofficial trails and pretty much got lost.  But it was all more than worth it to find this large area of corydalis in bloom!


These flowers are super small but I think they are really neat. Next spring, I must make a point to get a picture of a big group of them growing together.  Shouldn't be too tough since they pretty much grow everywhere.

Few-Flowered Shootingstar

Common Camas

The Shootingstar and Camas were both found on a botany field trip to Mima Mounds.  This was a great environment for flowers like these which are difficult to find elsewhere because of the great tree growth we have in these parts.

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  1. aww, what pretty flowers! me being the faery i am, i'm a sucker for the pretties:)