Thursday, October 9, 2008


Western Redcedar

I know its outdated but the Western Redcedar is timeless.  Soon I will put up pictures of them with their orange leaves.  I like this picture particularly because of the way the branch hangs.  But these trees tend to have very curvy branches and that's neat!

Mossy Tree

This is a great deal of moss draped all over this tree.  It is very common to have such moss growth given the climate of the Pacific Northwest. I love it!

Cool Tree
Okay so I forgot what kind of tree this was. Obviously, it is a good one for climbing.  That's not really so common in these parts.  Usually the trees are so tall and thick that all the lower branches are deprived sunlight and die off making the trees top heavy.  But this one is lucky for it is located at Mima Mounds where they burn off the overtaking forest growth to a certain degree in order to maintain the mounds of wildflowers.  I have pictures of a couple of those flowers in another blog.


  1. now those are cool. love the one with the person in it.

  2. You make me ache to be in the woods!