Monday, November 17, 2008

Late Bloomers

Theller Wetlands will be the place to go in the spring if everything they have on display blooms properly.  A couple of things were still in bloom for me (how nice).  But since it is a wetland area, it is very damp and so some neat mushrooms grow there as well. :p

Split-gill maybe? I'm never sure about fungi.

Orange Sponge Polypore (perhaps)

This one wasn't marked and didn't positively identify it. 
 I figured it for the aster family.

I read that balsamroot isn't that common in the wild.  Perhaps that's why I haven't run across it on my hikes.  This one is planted along side some flowers that will be treats in the spring like the camas lily.  I'll be sure to visit this spot in the spring.


  1. Oh, gasp! Especially on the first one! Damn, now I won't hardly be able to wait until your Spring shots!

  2. I thought that orange sponge looked really neat! All great photos!

  3. Wow those are great captures! You Rock the camera you know that!

  4. Wow, your pics are amazing !!!
    I think the orange flower is calendula and the yellow is black-eyed susan. Just me admiring and being nosy. Wish I had more fungus knowledge ......