Friday, November 28, 2008

Fungus Fest

Smooth lepiota

I am not yet skilled at identifying fungus and reserve the right to be human.  But I read and researched my field guides and think I'm getting closer to correctly identifying these mushrooms.  The above being identified as smooth lepiota (Leucoagaricus naucinus) was found growing from a rotting fallen western redcedar in the greenbelt around my house.

Woolly Inky Cap

My attention was drawn to what appears to be a variety of Inky Cap (Coprinus flocculosus) because of the fringe coming off the cap which I thought was some sort of identifying feature but I now think, based on my reading, that it may more likely be scaly remains from the veil which is sort of shedding off.  The textured area around the base is also remains from the universal veil as is the ring in the picture of the smooth lepiota.

White Crested Coral Fungus

As always is one of my favorite fungi: the coral fungus (Clavulina cristata).  I look this one up every time I see it thinking it is in the Ramaria family but never feeling quite right about it.  Today, I researched it in some other texts and found this far more accurate description as White Crested Coral Fungus.  This is a very interesting type of fungus and was found in great quantity growing under the western redcedars in the greenbelt around my house.  My jaw dropped at how much there was in the semi-open area of the forest floor.  The rotting bark from fallen branches and leaves provides an incredible environment for this type of coral fungus.


  1. oh wow! what cool pics. i really like all of them, but i think the wooly inky cap is my fave. how CUUUUUUTE!!! we only have a couple mushrooms around here. the big, fat capped ones that look like you could sit on them and some tiny ones like the top pic. oh yeah, we do have some gross looking ones, too. black and slimey. ewe. other than that, i just wuv the shroomies! lol.

  2. That coral fungus is so awesome. I can't believe you have such a huge variety of fungus and mushrooms growing around your house, it's amazing! It's so dry here that moss couldn't grow. I'm totally LOVING your shroom pix!

  3. Thank you both for your enthusiasm and support. I am so glad I can share these things with ya'll.

  4. Cool! That coral fungus is awesome! And so are those others and great info, thanks you for sharing!! :D

  5. Super fungi pics, Dark love!!! I have never seen the coral BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Super post. I am thrilled so see nature pics that aren't snow. :D

    Cheers! JJ