Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Snow

Christmas Tree '08

This was Brandon's first year to decorate the Christmas tree.  He was really excited about it this year and is proud of it.  I probably could've done him more justice by taking a better picture but I'm no photographer.

Snowy Pine

This pine tree grows on my property but I have not been successful in identifying it.  It is not a native pine but it is pretty cool.  And whenever it snows I always have to take a picture of it.  Not just when it has snow on it but when it is actively snowing.  The pictures don't come near to portraying the beauty I see.  I should take up painting. Perhaps then I could express it better than my photographs.

Snowy Willow

This weeping willow tree grows near that pine.  It is not a native either but it is so neat! This was the tree that inspired my picture taking today.  It looks so wicked cool!!


  1. I don't think I've ever seen a naked willow, that's awesome. I wonder if they just don't drop their leaves here or, if, by the time they do I don't realize they are weeping willows. Awesome tree! Great photo of it too!

    I LOVE Brandon's tree. And while I don't believe "orbs" in photos are anything but dust or moths or odd particulates in the air catching the light, it still seems special that he's got "orbs" around him. His tree looks fabulous, he did a fantastic job.

    Dang you and your pine tree photo, now I'm going to be wondering what it looked like in years past. I look forward to watching it now. That's just too cool.

    Hope you are on Christmas break and relaxing a bit!

  2. Brandon and his tree are so cute! Tell him that I think he did an excellent job!

    I love the winter photos too! I miss snow!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. oh, girl, what gorgeous frozen trees! brandon should be proud of his christmas tree; very nice. and he's getting so big, too!