Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beauty in Bloom

Pacific Crab Apple

Malus Fusca
Rosaceae (Rose Family)
This gorgeous plant is in bloom right now all along the forest edge, towering over the shrubs and spring sprouts. It has five petals and numerous stamen which give it away as a member of the Rose family. The many ball-like clusters of flowers are eye catching, to say the least. I have one of these arching over my drive and it is a delight to see every day.

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  1. Beautiful, I think your work is great...I have a few questions but am too sore and tired to ask just yet...even typing this is a chore...I think they messed up on the strep diagnosis or missed a virus on top of it...anyway, what a change in scenery since fall huh? I'll get back on just as soon as my joints stop yelling. Great shadowing and some of the depth on these is competition worthy...award worthy- peace- marie a.k.a.eiram...where's the fungus? :)